PIC News No. 64

Keep up to date with the latest news edition issued by the Personal Injury Commission

PIC News No. 64

06 May 2024

Keep up to date with the latest news edition issued by the Personal Injury Commission

In this edition, we cover two important projects, both of which are designed to enhance the efficiency of our operations. It is important that all users are familiar with these significant developments.

The first is the deployment of our new digital platform, Pathway, into the Workers Compensation Division over the King’s Birthday long weekend. This will complete our ambitious digital transformation project which consolidates the Commission’s work onto a single digital platform from four legacy systems.

As readers will recall, we successfully launched Pathway in the Motor Accidents Division in June 2023. While we are confident that the new platform will deliver a better and more secure venue for users, learning how to use it is everyone’s responsibility. Please ensure you take part in the user training we are offering.

The second announcement relates to what is colloquially known as the ‘500-page rule’. The draft rule has now been finalised by the Rule Committee and Parliamentary Counsel and is now available on our website together with a fact sheet and explanatory video. You can find them all here. We anticipate the rule commencing in late 2024 or early 2025.

We will enhance the Pathway platform to make compliance with the rule easy and enable parties to file an application for extra material in a simple user-friendly way. Pleasingly, the introduction of this rule has the active support of our major stakeholders.

I commend both initiatives to all users. They represent the Commission delivering on its strategic plan to make the Commission as user friendly as we can in a modern digital environment. Please keep informed of these developments as they are delivered from June onwards.


Judge Gerard Phillips

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