Dispute pathways

Disputes are assigned to the most appropriate dispute resolution pathway.

Dispute pathways

Once the Commission receives the application and the reply, the dispute will be assigned to the most appropriate dispute resolution pathway within one of the two divisions.

The Commission will decide on the most appropriate pathway, depending on the type of claim, the issues in dispute and the compensation being sought.

Legal representation

In the workers compensation division, claimants are usually entitled to government funding for legal assistance when their claim is disputed

In the Workers Compensation Division most parties are legally represented in the Commission’s dispute resolution proceedings. Workers are usually entitled to funding for legal assistance when their claim is disputed. Applications for legal assistance funding should be made to the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS). Your legal representative will usually apply to ILARS on your behalf for legal assistance funding. If you don’t have a lawyer, ILARS may also be able to assist you to locate one. ILARS is administered through the Independent Review Office (IRO). Call the IRO on 13 94 76 for more information.

You can choose to represent yourself, but you must indicate this when you make your application.

In the Motor Accidents Division injured people may be represented by a lawyer or can lodge a dispute themselves. CTP Assist can provide information about the CTP Legal Advisory Service.

The following bodies may also be able to assist you to locate a lawyer:

  • The Law Society Solicitor Referral Service (telephone (02) 9926 0333). This service helps members of the public find lawyers that are appropriate for their individual circumstances and needs.
  • LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service (1300 888 529) that provides legal information, referrals and in some cases, advice for people who require legal assistance.

Equal access to our services at no cost

The Commission is committed to providing equal access to our services. The Commission conducts proceedings in various regional locations, in addition to our location in Sydney.

We can provide accessibility assistance to contact the Commission, to attend proceedings or our medical assessments. All Commission offices, including regional venues, provide for disability needs and we will make arrangements to ensure you have the necessary support.

We can also arrange interpreters, at no cost, to assist you during proceedings before the Commission. An interpreter will also be provided if you are required to attend a medical assessment.

The Commission’s dispute resolution services are free, including medical assessments.  Although if you fail to attend a medical appointment without giving appropriate notice or a suitable excuse you may incur a fee

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